Monday, 21 January 2013

Grey Mare's Tail Waterfalls

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 21 January 2013
Walkers - Steve Smith, Gina Smith
Accommodation - 18 Callart Road, Kinlochleven
Start Point - 18 Callart Road (GR NH 07619 11760)
Start Time - 13:31 (12:32)
Finish Point - 18 Callart Road (GR NH 07619 11760)
Finish Time - 14:31 (14:31)
Duration - 1hrs 00mins (1hrs 59mins)
Average pace - 1.58mph (1.26mph)
Distance Walked - 1.58miles (2.49miles)
Height Ascended - 121.22metres (235.36)
Figures in red include excursion up wrong hill at beginning of walk)

Peaks visited

Route in red shows excursion up wrong hill at beginning of walk
Walk Summary
No peaks visited on this walk, but a must not miss sight when visiting Kinlochleven – The Grey Mare’s Tail Falls.

For us it was a 2½ mile walk, but that was because I would not set off without plotting the route on the map first. I identified the star symbol identifying the falls as a ‘Tourist Feature’ on the OS Explorer map and decided to ignore the local signs in the village resulting in us walking nearly 1mile up and down the wrong hill, steep hill at that, east of where the falls are.

So it was back to the village and starting, where Gina had said in the first place, at the sign “Grey Mare’s Falls” near The Tailrace Inn. From here it was less than a mile following the clearly marked path.

Walk Description
Don't look so smug Gina
1.) Opposite the Tail Race Inn follow the sign to “Grey Mare’s Falls” past the doctors surgery.
Another sign to the Grey Mare's Waterfall near St. Pauls
2.) At the T-junction cross the road and take the path signposted to the falls on the right of St. Pauls church.
3.) Take time to read the signs about the history of the path and area then walk the short distance to the path junction.
4.) Turn left along the prepared track, ignoring the old path rising sharply to your right.
5.) At the top of the path veer to the right and at the junction take the left fork through the gate. Going straight on will take you to Loch Eilde Mòr, but that is a walk for another day.
Follow sign to right for Falls
5.) At the top of the path veer to the right and at the junction take the left fork through the gate. Going straight on will take you to Loch Eilde Mòr, but that is a walk for another day.
Almost immediately you will see the falls on your left
6.) Go through the gate and listen out for the falls on your left. We could just see it in January but I guess in the summer it will be obscured by foliage, no doubt you will be able to hear them especially if it is in full spate
A better view of falls to the left
7.) Be patient and carry on a short distance and you will see them to your left through a gap in the trees.
Footbridge over Allt a' Chumhainn, turn left on other side
8.) Proceed further down the slippery steps and cross the bridge at the bottom over Allt a' Chumhainn.
Footpath to falls along Allt a' Chumhainn
9.) Turn left and follow the path along the stream to the bottom of the falls for a spectacular sight.
Gina at Grey Mare's Tail waterfall
10.) Return home is simply retracing your tracks back to the doctor’s surgery.
11.) I managed to introduce a diversion though, along the south bank of Allt Coire na Ba to bring us out at the road bridge over the same river. 
View from Bothy Bar of MacDonald Hotel
enjoying a well earned pint and whiskey chaser
12.) It was then a case of following the road out of town to The MacDonald Hotel and the Bothy Bar where you can enjoy beautiful views along Loch Leven to the Pap of Glencoe.
13.) Usually the hotel is open all day, but I guess because of the time of year, it was closed until 4pm. it certainly was open a couple of days later when we visited at the end of our walk to Loch Eilde Mòr

More photographs
Grey Mare's Tail Waterfalls, Kinlochleven
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