Sunday, 1 January 2012


Back in October 2008, as I was approaching early retirement, I set myself a target to climb every  2000ft top in England, which is documented on my English Nuttalls Peak Bagging blog in the form of a photo diary.

Now, at time of writing (November 2012) I only have 12 left to complete and I am now starting to think more seriously about what I will do next.

After completing the English Nuttalls I had intended to complete the 190 Welsh Nuttalls, followed by the Scottish Munros. However after visiting Fort William twice with my wife in 2012, for our first ever visits to Scotland, I feel we have both fallen in love with the dramatic scenery you find around every corner. Not that there is likely to be anything wrong with Wales, we can discover there together as well.

Further more my obsessive approach to the English Nuttalls tended to alienate my wife against the prospect of going all the way to the Lake District to go out in all weathers just to see a pile of stones on a windswept hill.

By discarding this sequential approach to be more inclusive, my wife can share, enjoy and learn from our experiences without being dragged up the highest point in each area we visit. Taking account of other hill types and walks not involving the peaks to appreciate the hills from all aspects, not just the tops.

The hills provide the excuse to go to an area, get out in to the great outdoors, challenge your capabilities in many ways and last but not least - a great way to keep fit as well as a great excuse to get fit. But the area also has many other things to offer.

This focus on exclusively Nuttalls delayed my appreciation of what each area in England has to offer. It was not until I went to Northumberland and completed the Cheviots in one weekend how much I was going to miss out if I did not return. 

Our approach in Scotand & maybe Wales will be different. Yes I want to come up to Scotland as often as I can, and yes I want to go up every Munro, but not to the exclusion of everything there is to offer. There are other things to do and see including appreciation of the local areas, lower level hills and walks not to mention the secluded beaches, coach & rail journeys as well as many Scottish Heritage sights.

So although the blog is about the Scottish Munros other hills and walks will be included as well as a diary to show our progression from English hill walkers to Scottish mountain walkers. 

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